#machinaexfemina, formerly known as #brainyisbeautiful, is an interview series that was created to highlight the modern women of tech on Instagram.

Often times, even when women are represented in tech, it is a certain kind of woman that comes from a traditional academic background. But these days, tech company’s are shifting towards accepting a wider range of people, from all kinds of backgrounds, such as boot camps, or self taught.

Although we have nothing against traditional academia, it is not accessible to all people. This is due to various factors such as racial, social, economic, and more. 

We firmly believe that tech should be accessible to anyone so long as they have the determination and ability to work at improving every day. 

#machinaexfemina is an ongoing interview series that we hope can inspire the current and future women in tech.

Keep reading to learn more about the women in tech that inspire us.