Something that always stuck out to us about Stephanie was that she is a very funny and positive person.

She seldom, if ever, complains. If she does have some kind of grievance about current events, she just talks about it in a productive and firm way. 

FUN FACT: We credit Steph for her suggestion to make female programmer clothing in the first place. We would probably not have gone ahead with merch if not for her. Thanks, Steph!


Q. Working at Amazon as an engineer must be super stressful. What are ways you wind down?

I’ve actually learned to change my mindset on being “stressed out” because I think that deciding you are “stressed” creates a negative feedback loop. 

I stay balanced by leaving my work at work. 

My daily yoga practice helps too.

Q. We always hear of the pitfalls of being a woman in stem. What’s an upside to being a woman in tech?

I’m a strong believer that my presence in the space makes it easier for the next woman or person of color to feel comfortable here. I love seeing diversity improve in the industry.


Q. Are you working on a side project? If so, what is it?

A bunch of personal IOT applications! I make my own Alexa skills for everything from letting me know when I need to leave for yoga to optimizing the bus line I should take that day to work. I love building things that make my life a little easier.

Steph with a Dog

Q: Any closing remarks?

"Build things that you are excited about!"

It’s easy to get stuck in “tutorial hell” building to-do lists, but it’s so much more fun to flex your engineering mindset and create things that are useful and cool to you.


Thank you for reading!

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